About us

band bio

Incursion Dementa was formed in 1987 by two metalfriends Benny Meerstra (g) and Radboud Burgsma (b). Douwe Leeuwen (d) and Sjoerd van Slooten (g) soon joined them. After some ‘vocal auditions’ Benny van der Wal (v) came, saw and conquered.

The band is named after the famous Nasty Savage-song, but due to misspelling in the tape traders circuit the i got lost and ‘Dementia’ became ‘Dementa’.

Incursion Dementa is pure thrash, speed, fun with numerous riffs & breaks. No track is the same. The release of the first demo ‘we’re just us’ in 1988 got great responses from the critics and audience all over the world. With the second demo ‘Ever Never’ (1991) and the album ‘All This Is’ came international recognition.

Still the album is a highly sought after item on the internet.

After lots of shows in- and outside of holland, Incursion Dementa split up halfway the nineties. The band was put to rest, only to wake up occasionally when small shows can be played for mere fun or a nostalgic reunion.

In 2015, the band has risen again and with 2 new members; Jelle Hamstra (d) and Simon Schoon (g) the is thrashing as never before!